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Konnecting Students to Education

About Us

A Safe, Reliable Transportation for Students 

At Kid Konnection LLC, we understand that balancing your work and your parent duties is difficult. If you can’t find the time to take your child to school, we’re here to do the job. We take pride in providing school transportation service to students in Hillsborough & Polk County, Florida.

With our school service, you can rest assured that your child is safe and in good hands. Through our services, we want to make a positive impact to the community. Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries. 

Mission Statement

To become the transportation of choice for families who are in need of an extra support in this rapidly busy society. We understand that time doesn't allow us to be at two places at once on time. Were're here to help!


To Konnect one student's dreams and goals-to education one ride at a time.


We offer a variety of packages based on your needs, including monthly, weekly, and per-trip. Rates are also based on your location and distance from the school your child is attending. We are currently serving Hillsborough and Polk county areas. Fill out our contact form for more information on our rates for services. Feel free to call us at 813-447-4259 and let us know exactly what your needs are!

Discounted Rates

Kid Konnection offers discounted rates for multiple students with one pick-up and drop-off location.  Please contact our office via email at [email protected] or call us at  813-447-4259 for special pricing.  


Policies and Rules

Our policies and rules are designed with the children’s safety in mind, and we make every effort to be courteous and respectful of all our clients’ needs.

All riders must be pre-registered and all pick up and drop of locations must be pre-planned. 

•Children must be ready at their scheduled locations, at their scheduled times. Additional fees apply for unplanned wait time.

•Every child will have a seat belt, and seat belts are required to be worn at all times

•No standing allowed while the vehicle is in motion

•Passengers will not board or disembark from the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop.

•Passengers should not destroy vehicle property or the property of other passengers.

•All passengers must be courteous; inappropriate language/behavior is not acceptable nor tolerated.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is a seven-day advanced notice. If cancelling (7) days prior to a scheduled ride, you are entitled to a credit; if not (less than 7-days), no credit will be issued. Please notify us of cancellations via email.

No Shows

For the safety of your child, courtesy of the driver, and promptness of our schedules, it is extremely important that you advise us if your child will not be riding with us on any given day. It creates concern about your child’s whereabouts and causes delays.


We do not leave until your child is received by an adult or is behind closed doors safely. If we cannot leave your child at the specified drop-off location because the child is locked out, an adult is not present or there are unforeseen changes in your child’s schedule, Kid Konnection will then contact a parent to get an alternative drop off location, and a $15.00 service charge will be applied. Please have a backup plan for these situations and discuss them with your child.

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